Namibia progressed to knockout round

The Namibian national rugby team qualified for the final decisive round of the 2023 World Cup qualifiers after they ended on top of the Africa Cup Pool A qualifier in Abidjan Ivory Coast last Sunday.

The national rugby team competed in the Rugby African cup tournament with the aim to qualify for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers. Twelve African countries were divided into four pools with three teams in a pool. The four pool Rugby African cup tournaments were played in Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe.
The winner and runner up of each pool qualified for the decisive 2023 World Cup qualifiers which is scheduled for next year with eight teams compete for a single place in a knockout round of quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals.
The Rugby African champions and will qualify for the 2023 World Cup in France, while the runner up gets his last chance in the repechage against runners-ups from other continents.
Namibia are the winners of pool A with Ivory Coast the runner ups and Senegal and Kenya the qualifiers of pool B as they ended respectively first and second in their pool.
In pool C Uganda as the host beat Ghana 53-12. The Ghanaians last Wednesday beat Algeria 22-20. The final game in the pool will be between Uganda and Algeria with the host the favourites to win the game and qualify as pool winners.
Tunisia has withdrawn from the Rugby African cup tournament due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso both will progress to next year’s finals, but they will still have to play. The two nations will play between 16 and 22 July in Zimbabwe in two matches to determine who finishes first and second.
The grouping for the first quarter-finals for next year has not yet been fully finalized and Rugby Africa has yet to decide at management level the date and which country will host the final round of qualification for the world cup.

However, the provisions are:
Quarter final 1: A1 (Namibia) vs. D2 (Zimbabwe or Burkina Faso)
Quarter final 2: D1 (Zimbabwe or Burkina Faso) against A2 (Ivory Coast)
Quarter final 3: B1 (Senegal) vs. C2 (probably Ghana or Algeria)
Quarter final 4: C1 (probably Uganda) against B2 (Kenya)
Semi-final 1: Quarter final Winner 1 vs. Quarter final Winner 2.
Semi-final 2: Quarter final Winner 3 vs. Quarter final Winner 4.

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