Namibia remains Coronavirus – free

Namibia remains Coronavirus-free, health minister Kalumbi Shangula said at a press conference on Wednesday. Worldwide, however the pandemic is spreading, leaving in its wake approximately 5 000 people killed and some 127 000 people infected in 104 countries.

At the time of going to press yesterday at 16:00 that was the official status of Namibia in relation to the global Coronavirus outbreak.
Although Namibia has not registered any cases to date, it has thrown travel arrangements abroad for many a Namibian in limbo. Namibian businesses reliant on Chinese products have been affected. Exports from China dropped so severely during February that container ships have cancelled their schedules and many container ships were sailing virtually empty.
At the same time, stocks listed on global stock exchanges all but crashed, as investors were selling off and migrating their funds to hedge commodities like gold and hedge-currencies like the United States Dollar. As the United States Dollar strengthens, emerging market currencies like the South African Rand suffers tremendously and that has become a major headache for Namibian businesses relying imports.
Although China has now announced it has the Coronavirus outbreak under control, the remainder of the world remains deeply affected. Countries close their borders to contain the virus outbreaks and travel bans is expected to hit hard. The cruise liner industry worldwide is seeing passenger bookings plummeting and the global airline industry is taking hard knocks as routes are cancelled and passenger bookings either drop or are re-booked to later dates in anticipation the situation would get under control.

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