Namibia Sports Commission trains new commissioners

The Namibia Sports Commission had a two day induction training last week in Swakopmund, the main purpose of the induction training was for the newly elected commissioners who will be serving the sport commission for three years, to align their plans and visions with the Namibia Sports Act so that they can act within the framework of that Act.

During the training the commissioners were told about their functions and what is expected of them as commissioners. The main points on discussions was the National Sports Plan and the Sports Act review. Mr Joel Matheus the Chairperson of Namibia Sports Commission said “It is very important that we as commissioners understand what our functions are as commissioners and what the Act says in terms of moving development agenda of Namibian sport”. According to Matheus, commissioners are entrusted to uphold the law of Namibia in terms of the Sport Act, because as a public enterprise they are entrusted on behalf of the government to run sport administration in the country. Matheus says one of the key points in the sport act is for commissioners, as executive arm of the government to make sure that all the sports in the country are conducted within the framework of the Namibian Sport Act. Matheus further said that is very important for the community to understand the role of the sport commission “because some of the members within the sport facility do not understand the role of the sport commission, it is very important for individuals to understand what the Act is allowing him to do and what not to do, because we have many issues where sport associations or federations do not understand what their responsibilities are in terms of relationship with the sport commission and the Act”. The Namibia Sports Act was establish in 2003 with the Act of Parliament and came into operation in 2005. The Namibia Sports Act have been active since then.

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