Namibia to represent Mrs Globe

Isaac Chikosi

Mrs Globe 2018 is set for China this year under the theme “celebrate”.

 This prestigious international pageant is held annually and is the biggest pageant for married women in the world. Walvis Bay has produced a rare gem in Estrolita Petersen who won Mrs Namibia Universal 2016.  Petersen has now been selected to represent Namibia in the Mrs Globe 2018 Pageant.

In an interview with the namib times, Petersen expressed her excitement at the opportunity. “Many people think pageants are just about looking good, but there is much more involved. It takes a lot of strength and courage. It is also a great responsibility to represent my country”, said Petersen.

She further elaborates that the pageant focuses on women who can lead a balanced life with regards to parenting and active involvement within the community.

Petersen is passionate about the welfare of marginalised women and children as well as women empowerment. As a role model in her community, Petersen has been involved in many charitable activities involving fundraising for disadvantaged individuals.

Pageant week begins November 22 in Shenzhen, China.  “It is rather sad that not much support or interest comes from the community. It means a lot when your community supports you.”

Petersen urges businesses and organisations in the region willing to support her to contact her through the namib times office or through her Facebook page: Estrolita Petersen Mrs Globe Namibia.


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