Namibia Wild Horses Foundation

Following two stakeholder meetings the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has circulated a Draft Management Plan (DMP) to stakeholders for the future management of the Garub Horses.

Namibia Wild Horses Foundation (NWHF) has given feedback on the draft plan and await the Ministry’s final decision regarding the action plan for the Garub Horses. NWHF has also offered the Ministry assistance with the development of the Action Plan.
In summary:
The Garub horses are, and will remain, the property of the state – in other words they are a State asset and are managed by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has formally recognised the tourism and ecological value of the Garub horses. The Garub area of the Namib Naukluft Park and Tsau//Khaeb (Sperrgebiet) National Park is to be re-zoned as a multi-use area for more effective management.
The current situation at Garub
The grass has been refreshed following the recent rain in the area resulting in an improvement in the condition of the Garub Horses.
Currently there are 72 horses comprising 31 mares, 40 stallions and 1 filly. While evidence of hyena activity remains in the area, predation on the horses has not occurred since February 2019. Several mares are currently pregnant and expected to foal from late September/early October until February 2020 with most arriving during December 2019. Hopefully this will coincide with the summer rainfall cycle which will stimulate new grass. While it has been made clear the state will not relinquish custodianship of the horses, Namibia Wild Horse Foundation welcomes the actions the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has taken in drawing up an action plan for the Garub Horses as crisis management decisions have proven to be detrimental to other species, especially the resident hyena.

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