Namibian Indoor Women’s Hockey Team qualifies for the World Cup

The Namibian Women’s Hockey Team became the second sports team [after rugby] to represent Namibia at World Cup level. “All the honour and glory to God”, this was the words of coach Ervin Handura, after his team beat South Africa at the Indoor Hockey World Cup Qualifiers in Swakopmund on Saturday.
Marcia Venter scored the first goal for Namibia within the first five minutes.
South Africa scored twice and the score was 2-1. Gillian Hermanus made no mistake as she equaled the score from a penalty. The half time score was 2-2.
In the second half the Namibians made one attack after the other, but the defense of South Africa held firm. Half way in the second half the South Africans came on strong with attack after attack. With five minutes left in the game they scored and it was now 3-2 in favour of South Africa and the hour glass was almost empty.
With one minute left in the game Namibia set up an attack and kept S.A. under pressure. Then it happened: Marcia Venter put the ball pass the goal keeper of S.A.
Final score: 3-3. That forced the game in to penalties. The Namibian goal keeper Petro Stoffberg saved the first shot of South Africa, Gillian Hermanus scored for Namibia. The second shot of S.A. was again saved by Petro Stoffberg.
Marcia Venter scored a second goal for Namibia to win the game 2-0 on penalties.
∙The Namibian Men’s team lost in the final 1-2 to South Africa.
Abner Xoagub the president of the Namibia National Olympic Committee congratulated the Namibian Women’s Team on their achievement. “I am very happy with this achievement, as the Hockey Union has put a lot of effort and money into this”. He also thanked the team’s sponsor: Seaflower.
He further said: “they have lost with high scores to South Africans in this tournament, but in the final they kept their composure to qualify for the World Cup”.
Xoagub said Namibia’s men showed great improvement but still lacked on the offensive side.
Xoagub encouraged more SADC-countries to take up indoor hockey, so that the standard can improve in the region.
Maggie Mengo, Namibia’s captain, won the Player of the Tournament award for the women while Brynn Cleak won the Player of the Tournament award and DJ Strauss the Goalkeeper of the Tournament for the men. The Indoor Hockey World Cup will be held in Berlin, Germany from 7 to 11 February 2018.

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