Namibian Karate champions can qualify for Continental Championships in Paris, France

Rudi Bowe

Five of Namibia’s leading karate champions still have a small chance to qualify for the 2021 Olympic Games in Japan.

The aim of the training camp was to improve their sharpness and skills with exposure to some of the neighboring country’s competitors in their respective categories and to prepare the Namibians karateka’s for the Continental Championships at a worldwide Olympic qualifying tournament from 11-13 June in Paris, France.
Coach Llewellyn Manale says the group got rid of their belongings. “We are delighted with the course of the trip and are also happy to be safe back. We mostly stayed in a bio-bubble probably only visited a mall once.
“It’s my believe that these karatekas has a good chance of qualifying for the Olympic Games if they continue to improve in some respects,” said Manale.
Coach Manale said it was important for the karate team to be given the opportunity to be in hopefully sharp competitions in their sharpest places before arriving at the big qualifying event for the Olympic Games. Only ten karateka in each item (men and women, each only in three-weight classes) will make it to the Games in Tokyo, Japan.
According to Manale “Half of these positions have already been awarded either from the host country Japan or to the top four participants in the world rankings.”
“The remaining positions can only be secured at the Continental Champion-ships (two places per item), or at a worldwide Olympic qualifying tournament (11-13 June in Paris, France), or by special invitation” Manale added.
The National Assistaned Coach Paul Mwiya said, “We are grateful to everyone who made this trip possible and it now depends on as to do everything in our power to qualify for the Olympic Games.”
Mwiya said, “I am particularly pleased with the course of our training camp in South Africa, as we have learned so much from Morgan Moss and his team.”
The Namibian Sports Commission’s Chief Administrator, Mr. Freddy Mwiya, assured the team that the government is doing everything in its power to assist the country’s sportsmen who have already qualified for the Games, or who still stand a chance of qualifying.

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