Namibian National Rugby Jersey sold for N$200 000

Rudi Bowe

The Namibian rugby jersey of local rugby player, Chad Plato that he wore at the 2019 Rugby World Cup was sold for N$200 000 at fundraising gala dinner held by the Board of Trustees of the Narraville Elderly Home on Friday, 12 November in Narraville Walvis Bay.

The rugby jersey was bought by Sonny Ndalumbu from Cadilli Fishing and Erongo Marine Enterprises.
At the same auction, Tommy Ikela paid N$10 000 for the Karate Uniform that Leonard Martin wore when he won the Karate World Champion in 2001 in Australia.
HIPO ISLE Fishing in honour of Lukas Hipondoka, “the legendary racing driver from Kuisebmond”, brought the Racing Shirt of local Rally Driver Allan Martin for an amount of N$20 000.
The funds raised at the auction is part of over two million Namibian dollars raised for the construction of the old age home in Narraville, Walvis Bay.

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