Namibians must take responsibility for public facilities

The only beach public braai area in Swakopmund, which is commonly known as the OK Parking Braai, has deteriorated to such a bad condition that it is becoming an embarrassment and a source of frustration to residents.
With the festive holiday season approaching, it is said this certainly does not contribute to a positive image for Swakopmund.
Swakopmund is well-known for its beautiful beaches and attracts a lot of visitors with summer activities, normally in December.
This year it is believed that the Beach Colour Festival will be hosted in Swakopmund. It is expected to attract even more visitors to Swakopmund.
The festival will be hosted in the vicinity of OK Parking Braai area, but the facilities are vandalised.
The area is not user friendly. Apart from being vandalised, it poses a danger in that a lot of broken glasses and bottles scatter the area and people urinate against some of the walls and structures as they are too lazy to walk to the ablution area.
When namib times asked residents over the dilapidated facility, they felt the Swakopmund municipality should put in more effort to beautify the braai area. It is after all the only public beach braai area and it would be advisable to add a children playground.
namib times contacted the Swakopmund municipality to inquire if there will be any renovations to the OK Parking Braai area before December this year. At the time of going to press no feedback was forth-coming yet.
∙ One member of the public agreed the municipality should do something, but added it is not the municipality that vandalised the area, nor is it the municipality urinating on the facilities or breaking glasses and bottles in the area.
“It is high time that we as Namibians take responsibility for public facilities. After all, it is our tax money going into these facilities, but unfortunately you will always get some people misbehaving and in essence deprive him or herself and his or her fellow Namibians from places where they can enjoy themselves”, explained this resident.

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