Nampol Detective Warrant Officer arrested for corruption

The public of Walvis Bay reacts with shock and anger at the arrest of detective warrant officer Jafet Simon, deployed at the Walvis Bay Criminal Investigations Unit (TCIU), on a charge of corruption. 

Jafet and an accomplice, Farhan Khatri, attempted to bribe a senior state prosecutor in Swakopmund for a not-guilty verdict in a rape and human trafficking trial in which this Pakistani national is the accused.
The duo further attempted to persuade the state prosecutor to relax Khatri’s bail conditions and to return his passport as he intended to travel to Pakistan.
Not only is the Namibian public’s disdain for corruption growing rapidly, but the fact that a police officer would commit a corrupt act to benefit an alleged sex offender and human trafficker further damages the relationship of trust between the public and the Namibian Police.
Khatri is a manager at import car dealer Jan Japan in Walvis Bay. According to the Anti-Corruption Commission Simon and Khatri approached the senior state prosecutor at the Swakopmund magistrates court and offered a bribe for the prosecution of a rape- and human trafficking trial to be set up for failure. Furthermore, for the relaxation of bail conditions and the return of his [Khatri’s] passport. Khatri intended to travel [or flee?] to Pakistan.
The bribe offered was either in the form of the delivery of a vehicle or a cash amount of N$60 000. The state prosecutor reported the matter and a sting operation was set up by the ACC.
The duo was arrested after the upfront N$30 000 of the initial N$60 000 bribe was paid over to the prosecutor. Simon was the first to end up in handcuffs on 23 September and Khatri followed a day later, on 24 September.
They made a first appearance in the Swakopmund magistrate’s court on the same day as Khatri’s arrest. They were denied bail and return to court on 4 November 2020.

Detective Warrant Officer Jafet Simon is deployed at the Criminal Investiagion Unit (CIU) and is stationed at the Walvis Bay Police Station. His accomplice is Farhan khatri, a Pakistani national working for import vehicle dealer Jan Japan.

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