Namport commissions turnstiles to enforce strict drug and alcohol policy

The port of Walvis Bay commissioned new turnstiles this week which is expected to drastically step up security mea-sures to keep the port a drug- and alcohol-free zone. The ports authority revised and upgraded its Drug & Alcohol Policy which now makes provision for a zero tolerance of alcohol and drugs.
Said Namport’s public relations department: “This new measure (gate) was necessitated by the revised Drug & Alcohol Policy which advocates for zero tolerance on drug and alcohol use within the port and gives the Security Division full authority to implement the policy through daily compulsory testing for all.
Safety inside the port is of paramount importance to Namport and all measures are geared towards improving SHEQ Performance inside the Port (that of protecting our employees, visitors and port users) and maintaining our ISO certifications.
The recent removal and reallocation of turnstiles was done because of identified risks when the policy was initially implemented. This turnstile will allow for safer disembarking of employees from busses without endangering themselves in moving traffic.
All Port users and employees are urged to respect the policies and procedures of the company and fully comply to the daily alcohol testing process”.

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