Namport ladies join hands in praying for our Nation

The Port of Walvis Bay recently hosted all female employees to a morning of inspiration over a scrumptious breakfast. The event was not only hosted in celebration of August which is popularly known as woman’s month but also aimed at inspiring the Port ladies on how to relentlessly take their rightful positions at their work places as well as in the community they live in.
The function, under the theme ‘Being Relentless” also served as a platform were the ladies had a moment of silence for 9-year-old Cheryl Ujaha, who was brutally murdered recently. As a result the ladies joined hands in prayer against the current epidemic that has raged our nation.
Guest speaker Pastor Christine Adams encouraged the attendees to remain focused on attaining their respective destinies as “the start in your life is not a determining factor of how you will end.
All you need to do is to remain a fighter and be an over-comer”, she further said.
Women’s month is an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements and the important role that women of all races and religions have played and continue to play in society.
On 9 August 1956, more than 20 000 women from all walks of life united in a mass demonstration to the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa. It is because of these occurrences that the South African government declared August as Women month. Namibia being part of the global family as well as taking into account the political connection that both countries share also celebrates the month accordingly.

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