Namport Social Investment fund hands Pre-Delivery Facility to the Ministry of Health

Eileen van der Schyff

Namport, under its social fund (NSIF), responded to the plea of expectant mothers in and around the Usakos district and commissioned the construction of a N$1.1 million Pre-Delivery Facility which was officially handed over to the Ministry of Health on 15 March 2019. The next day, the same fund also handed over two modular classrooms at the Ovihitua Primary School in the Omatjete Constituency valued at N$630,000 After this NSIF has spent a total of 41.8 % of its budget in the Erongo Region since 2006.

Soon to be mothers must travel over 30 to 50 kilometres from the surrounding Usakos district villages to the Usakos State Hospital’s Maternity ward. Worrying about accommodation while waiting to be admitted in the hospital adds unnecessary stress to the mom which affects the unborn baby.
Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Health, Special Advisor of Health in the President’s Office, Dr Bernard Haufiku said that the long coming plea for help from expectant mothers has been answered and challenged all other captains of industry to follow the good example set by Namport.
Speaking at the same auspicious event, CEO of Namport and Chairperson of Namport NSIF, said that Namport continues to pledge its alliance with the government’s efforts in supplying quality health to its citizens. “As an entity, we are intentionally choosing to be grateful for the things we have. And we want to extend this gratitude to those around us”.
He concluded by highlighting the fact that the entity has over the years invested millions in the health sector and would like to continue doing so if funds permit.
The fully-furnished two-bedroom building can accommodate 15 expectant mothers at any given time.
The new edition to the school’s existing two classrooms infrastructure was also handed over by NSIF the next day and will cater for 40 learners who previously used two tents as their shelter. The two new classrooms each has its own storeroom which will also ensure that the school’s principal has an office of her own. The tent structures proved to be a health hazard for the learners during winter and rainy seasons and this interfered with education.
The school’s Principal Ms Kapia said: “Due to this sponsorship, our students will now receive education in a safe and clean environment without being exposed to any of nature’s elements, and for that we can never thank the Namport Social Investment Fund enough”.

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