Namport to sign MoU

Rudi Bowe

The Namibian Port Authority are on the brink to sigh a MoU with the port of Congo-Brazzaville, Porte Noire.

This was revealed by Namport CEO Bisey /Uirab as he hosted delegation led by the Ambassador of Congo-Brazzaville to Namibia, Marie Thèrése Avemeka.
The Congo-Brazzaville dedications visit at the harbour town is to discuss the final details around the signing of the memorandum of agreement.
/Uirab said that the two ports are expected to sign a memorandum of understanding to promote trade and share expertise, as well as promote intra-regional trade in Africa.
/Uirab added that Namibia and Congo-Brazzaville come a long way as they provided support to Namibia during the liberation struggle.
Namport CEO said “Porte Noire port is a significant player in the shipping industry and also shares mutual customers in terms of shipping lines with Namport therefore it is important that we sign the MoU.
/Uirab said “It is of cardinal importance they finalise the discussions and sign the agreements in the coming weeks for the two ports to share expertise and enhance trade by exploring new trade routes as Porte Noire also serves several landlocked countries and to strengthen the hard work of the African leader in the promotion of intra-regional trade”.
The Congo-Brazzaville ambassador said that they are eager to finalise the MoU and that they will enhance trade, cooperation and expertise between the two ports as they arekeen to work with Namibia specifically in port development to further cement the relationship started during the liberation struggle.
“These talks that started a long time ago are to facilitate a foundation for the MoU as we have to continue to engage and exchange for the mutual benefits of both ports and their respective countries” Avemeka said.

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