Nande retains Gold Cup

Rudi Bowe

 The coastal golf star Likius Nande sustained his mammoth golfing year as he keeps possession of the Klipdrift Gold Cup.

 The two-day competition that took place at the Windhoek Golf and Country Club last weekend saw a fine turnout of fifty-two players from all over the country in action completed the 52-hole tournament.

The full results are:

 Overall best gross

  1. Likius Nande (212)
  2. Gabriel Shikodi (217)

Overall best nett

  1. Gert Olivier (210)
  2. Karel Swarts (211)

A division best gross
1. Damien da Silva (229)

  1. Walter Heibeb (233)

A division best nett
1. XL Xhang (215)

  1. Anton Bonifatius (215)

B division best gross
1. Jonas Katti (243)

  1. Joseph Martin (244)

B division best nett
1. Charlie Lohmann (211)

  1. Charly Haoseb (213)

C division best gross
1. Ian Wood (170)

  1. Toady Gurirab (176)

C division best nett
1. Lukas Steven (137)

  1. Riaan Schwartz (146)



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