Napwu challenged to bring proof of its claim Walvis Bay Town Council and Mayor are “engulfed” in corruption

The Namibia Public Workers Union (Napwu) has been called upon this week to come forward with more details to substantiate the union’s recent public claims that the Walvis Bay Town Council is “engulfed” in corruption and that Councillors were going as far as trying to solicit information from officials of the ACC on whistle-blowers with the aim of “destroying” and “victimise” these individuals.

At a peaceful demonstration on 14 June this year, some 150 municipal workers affiliated with Napwu handed a petition to the municipality of Walvis Bay. The petition highlighted a number of grievances workers have with certain employment conditions and the fact that these complaints are rarely assessed. No councillors were present to accept the petition.
Moreover, the petition openly accused the Mayor of Walvis Bay Clr. Immanuel Wilfred of influencing the local authority’s tender board to dish out tenders to himself, his relatives and people in support of his tenure as first citizen.
The exact wording reads: “Tenders: Council took a unilateral decision to sideline and stop employees to apply for tenders in the Municipality without consulting the union, while these tenders are reserved for their relatives and families. With the mayor recently dishing out tenders to his child, denying all Namibians an opportunity to prosperity. The Mayor has continued his tactics to influence the tender board to dish out tenders only to people that are in support of his mayoral position, he has continued in his plight of corruption by allocating tenders to himself and his families.” [sic]
The scathing attack on the mayor’s integrity then moved onto the Walvis Bay town council where the petition described the council as “engulfed” in corruption. Councillors were openly accused of trying to obtain information on whistleblowers from officials of the ACC with the aim of destroying or victimising these individuals.
The exact wording in the petition reads: “Corruptions: Corruption has engulfed the Walvis Bay Town Council, to such an extent that they have contacts within the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), to destroy and victimize whistleblowers. This has made Council, Councillors and Top Management to practice corruption unhindered in the name of self-enrichment.” [sic]
In the light of the allegations namib times presented questions relating to these remarks to both the municipality of Walvis Bay, the ACC and the union. The municipality was first to respond. Spokesperson Kevin Adams said the municipality would not be responding to the allegations and that the Union is the one to clarify the matter.
“Since the allegations have been raised by the union, all questions should therefore be directed to the union leaders (including those questions referring to the ACC)”, said Adams.
The ACC through a senior official also referred the allegations back to the Union, as the information is vague. The ACC nonetheless extended an invitation to the Union to provide information to substantiate these allegations to the ACC. A copy of the petition was also requested.
“You should probably ask the compilers of this [petition] if they have any proof of such and if so could they provide such proof to the DG of the ACC”, said this senior official in an email response.
At the time of going to press Napwu was yet to respond. Several phone calls to Napwu branch organiser in Walvis Bay, Mr. Sonny Ndalumbumo remained unanswered.

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