Narraville elderly not happy

Rudi Bowe

Narraville Clinic is losing popularity among the elderly in Narraville claiming the clinic treats them poorly and not with respect.

A visit to the Narraville clinic is becoming problematic and is more of an inconvenience for the elderly residents than obtaining assistance from the nurses on duty.
The already frail pensioners must sit outside and wait for their turn in the harsh Walvis Bay weather conditions. One elderly person told the Namib Times that everyone can be helped faster if the nurses put down their cell phones, stop chatting with each other and make turns to eat their breakfast and lunch.
According to the elderly a large numbers of the residents from other townships in the harbour town stream to the Narraville Clinic for assistance. This results in a hold-up at the clinic and the senior citizens in Narraville not being helped and that they are suffering and are being treated with disrespect at the facility.
The senior citizens said that they are told to sit and wait in a queue, and at times they do not even receive their medication. They complained many times, but nothing improved or changed and at some point they were told that it is not a clinic but a Health Care Centre.
Residents agreed that services at the facility are pathetic, and often people have to quarrel in order to be treated with dignity.
The senior citizens of the Narraville Township feel that the Ministry of Health and Social Services should give attention to the elderly residents in Narraville.

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