National Beach Angling Championship

Fifteen clubs with an average of seven members per team participated at the 2019 National Beach Angling Championship of the Namibian Beach Angling Association that was completed at three different areas south and north of Henties Bay.

Fifteen clubs with an average of seven members per team emerged to the Atlantic Ocean to see who would be the top angler for 2019.
The results: Clubs overall: 1 Penguin (449.2 kg), 2 Mako (411.1 kg), 3. Oka-handja (396 kg) and the best domestic club and club that has made the best progress.
Hamilton trophy (heaviest spot): Lourens Fourie (169 cm, 26.2 kg), Hentie van der Westhuizen trophy (heaviest inedible fish): Johan Kotze (bronze shark, 199 cm, 111 kg).
Uwe BöttcherTrophy (Most Sharks): Penguin Fishing Club with 46.
National trophy (most fish): Corné Burger from Penguin (17 fish, 158 kg).
U.16 division, Alpro trophy: Champion Corné Burger (17 fish, 158 kg), 2 Francois Wolfaardt (Skeleton club, 14 fish, 120.1 kg), 3 Sven Welzig (Atlantic club, 10 fish, 64.9 kg). Heavily inedible fish: Corné Burger (169 cm spotty, 26.2 kg). Heavy edible fish: Mark van der Merwe (Namib Park, 109 cm cod, 13.7 kg). Most Views: Corné Burger.
O.21 division, Cato Fishing Co trophy: Champion Brandon Grane (Skeleton club, 7 fish, 156.2 kg), 2 Barren of As (Penguin, 4 fish, 44.2 kg), 3 Kevin Page (Penguin, 4 fish, 30.5 kg). Heavily inedible fish: Brandon Grane (193 cm bronze, 100.8 kg). Heavy edible fish: Gert Visagie (Seagulls, 109 cm cod, 10.2 kg). Most Views: Brandon Grane.
Women, Dup Ventro trophy: Champion Lydia Cilliers (Benguela club, 8 fish, 59.3 kg), 2 Angelique Connoway (Mako fishing club, 6 fish, 49.7 kg), 3 Annelien Langenstrassen (Penguin, 5 fish, 31.3 kg). Heavily inedible fish: A. Connoway (162 cm spot, 22.7 kg). Heavy edible fish: Nadine Downing (Hen-ties club, 117 cm cod, 17 kg). Most Views: Lydia Cilliers.
Man’s Super Sport trophy: 1. Champion Henri Snyman (Penguin, 11 fish, 193.5 kg), 2. Johan Kotze (Okahandja, 6 fish, 160 kg), 3. Johan Mostert (Atlantic, 7 fish, 156 kg). Heavily inedible fish: 1. Johan Kotze. Heavy edible fish: Coenie Steyn. Most fish: Henri Snyman.

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