NDF-member injured as other driver skips yield sign at circle

A Namibian Defence Force pick-up was flipped onto its side when the driver of a red Ford Ranger reportedly failed to adhere to the yield sign at the traffic roundabout at the entrance of Walvis Bay yesterday afternoon.

The NDF pick-up was travelling within the Diaz circle when the Ford Ranger, driving from the direction of Swakopmund, hit it on the rear left side. The pick-up overturned.
The driver of the Ford Ranger apparently did not see the NDF pick-up. The driver of the NDF pick-up was rushed to hospital with head injuries. This is not the first incident where drivers do not adhere to the yield sign upon entering the circle from the direction of Swakopmund. It remains a major concern, including the speed at which some drivers approach the roundabout.

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