Netball tournament at Walvis Bay

The Erongo Netball Association hosted a Netball opening tournament at the Netball courts in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay.

The tournament was hosted to get all the clubs that registered for the 2019 Erongo league together before the league starts.
Ten teams participated in the tournament that were played as friendly and practice matches.
The teams are Ekuja, Eleven Arrows, Blue Waters, NDF, Navy, Porha, Sparta A and B, Sorronto Bucks and the Erongo Junior Team.
The 2019 Erongo Netball will start on 6 April with the first matches to be played on the Netball courts in Arandis.
The program for the opening league matches are:
The results of the day were:
Ekuja 18-22 Sparta A
Eleven Arrows 30-7 Sorronto Bucks
Ekuja 14-12 Sparta B
Blue Waters 26-7 Sorronto Bucks
NDF 41-24 Sparta
Eleven Arrows 27-31 Navy
Blue Waters 12-14 Erongo Juniors
Porha 18-30 Erongo Juniors

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