Neumayer Civil Contractors reacts to bus accident

Neumayer Civil Contractors issued a statement over the weekend, expressing regret over a bus accident in Walvis Bay on Thursday morning in which more than thirty workers of the company and service providers were injured. The accident took place on the road to the salt pans where Neumayer Civil Contractors constructs a salt wash plant for Walvis Bay Salt Refiners.
The full statement reads: “It is with great sadness that we have to announce that 31 of our employees, two (2) Omega Security employees and one (1) Kwena Electrical cc employee, were involved in a serious bus accident in the early morning of Thursday 4 July, on the road to the salt pans where K Neumayer Civil Contractors are busy constructing a new salt wash plant for Walvis Bay Salt Refiners.

At present, the cause of the accident is unknown and is under investigation by K Neumayer Civil Contractors (Pty) Ltd as well as by the authorities. It is with relief that we can confirm that no fatalities occurred. All thirty four (34) passengers, including the driver, were removed from the accident site and taken to local hospital for treatment. Twenty-two (22) of our fellow employees have already been released and have returned safely home.
Unfortunately seven (7) employees were not released and have been kept over-night for observation. Two (2) employees with more serious injuries were transferred to a private hospital where they are being treated.
It is important to note that this is not a private or closed road, but a public road.
All K Neumayer Civil Contractors (Pty) Ltd employees were transported to hospital as per MVA protocols. None of the injured were employees of Walvis Bay Salt Refiners and the bus does not belong to them. A full investigation will be conducted to reveal the cause of the accident.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the emergency services, to the local traffic department and NAMPOL, for their involvement. We should also mention both K Neumayer Civil Contractors and Walvis Bay Salt Refiners site management, local staff and safety officers for their prompt response and assistance.
A safe working environment is our top priority and each of our employees strive to enforce all safety measures necessary. One injury is one injury too many.
We keep those injured in our thoughts and pray for their swift recovery.”

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