New 20m liter water reservoir for Walvis Bay nears completion

During the ordinary monthly council meeting held on Tuesday night at the Council Chambers in Walvis Bay, Mayor Alderman Immanuel Wilfried updated residents on the construction of a 20 million liter potable water reservoir at Mile 7. Construction is already in an advanced stage, Clr Wilfried reported.
The project is aimed at increasing water availability to Walvis Bay in times of crisis, often experienced when water supply equipment is damaged during periodic flooding of the Kuiseb River.
Water interruptions is expected to take place in the foreseeable future when the reservoir is connected to Walvis Bay’s water reticulation system.
The Mayor also provided an update on the Farm 37 project. The project aims to make affordable urban land available on a mass scale east of Walvis Bay, for the resettlement of landless urban residents.
“There are still a number of challenges ahead before Farm 37 becomes a reality, but the Municipal Council is doing everything it can to facilitate the shortening the processes involved”, he explained.
A meeting between the municipality and the Governor of the Erongo Region, Clr Cleophas Mutjavikua reportedly took place on Wednesday to pave the way forward.
“I would like to assure our residents that Farm 37 is not just a file collecting dust of our shelves,” said Clr Wilfried, putting at ease those affected by unaffordable and a shortage of urban land.

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