New accounts pay point for Swakopmund municipality

Sharlien Tjambari

The days of walking long distances or catching a taxi to go to town for payments of water bills at the Swakopmund municipality will soon be over for the residents of DRC, Matutura and Tamariskia.  Council has earmarked a total of N$400 000 for the establishment of a satellite pay point at Erf 2310, Matutura.

A cargo container will be re-purposed to accommodate the office furniture, computer equipment and other resources necessary to establish this satellite pay point.

The establishment of this pay point is one of Council’s biggest capital projects and one of the strategic goals to enhance service delivery by bringing it closer to the people. The expenditure was already approved in 2016.

The spokesperson of the Swakopmund municipality, Ailie Gebhardt, confirmed the pay point will have the same service level as the pay point at the municipal offices. Gebhardt also confirmed the location of the pay point as Erf 2310, Matutura.

The pay point is expected to become operational by April next year. The due date for payments will remain the 7th of each month. People can also pay by electronic bank transfer, cell phone banking with the account number quoted as reference.

“The pay point will help to ease the burden of long distances, queues and then back to recharge water meters at the standpipes, once the system becomes operational in the very near future”, explained Gebhardt. The new pay point can even be used by residents of Vineta, Mile 4 and Ocean View residents. Council is bringing services closer to the people”, says Gebhardt.




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