New aviation record at the BB/Uis Fly-In

Floris Steenkamp

A new aviation record was set up at Uis recently, when the country’s first 6 aircraft formation was flown there. The new record was set up during the 2019 Brandberg/Uis Fly-In that took place last weekend.

The new formation flying Namibian record was set up by aviators Mike Böttger (RV-8); Matthias Röttcher (RV-7); Tinus Dreyer (C210); Jacques Jacobs (CJ6 Nanchang); Phillip Opperman (RV-7) and Ross Leighton (RV-8).
The first Fly-In took place in 2004 at the farm Röstock of Mr. Wolfgang Kühhirt (Kücki). It was held at Röstock until 2014.
Then in 2015 the annual Fly-In moved to Uis and ever since is held at this beautiful town at the foot of the majestic Brandberg. All five Fly-Ins so far was organised under the able hands of LISAMA (Light Sport Aircraft and Amateur Built Aircraft Association of Namibia). The extensive experience of Dr. Henk Koster (is an experienced Precision Flying and Rally Pilot, participated various times in World Championships. Became overall 1st with South African Team and 3rd Individual) in organising these Fly-Ins is also much valued.
This year 56 aircraft turned out for the event and 30 took place in the various competitions that take place during the Fly-In.
Apart from the Namibians, ten aircraft from South Africa participated as well as Rachel Mueller from Luxembourg and Dirk Reich from Switzerland (It is Reich’s third Namibian Fly-In).
That include cross-country navigational flying, precision landing and other flying skill challenges that put to the test both pilot and aircraft. A total of 400 spectators turned out a most enjoyable social event.
The full results of the 2019 Brandberg/Uis Fly-In are as follows (aircraft type indicated in brackets after name of participant:
Best Navigation Exercise: Dirk Reich (Jabiru).
Best Spot Landings: 1. Gero Bajorat (Tecnam) and 2. Kai Rubow (Tecnam).
Best Flying Skills Exercise: 1. Mike Böttger (RV-8); 2. Matthias Röttcher (RV-7) and 3. Tinus Dreyer (C 210).
Best Radio Procedures: Peter Keil (C 170).
Best Airmanship: Harald Keil (Bilanca Scout).
Most Enthusiastic Pilot: Dawid Visser (Bushbaby).
Overall Winners: 1. Matthias and Nadia Braune (C 182); 2. Phillip Opperman sen. (RV-7) and 3. Matthias Röttcher (RV-7).

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