New Era for Walvis Bay Yacht Club

The bar at the Walvis Bay Yacht Club has recently been renamed the Oskar (Oswald) Krauer Bar (now referred to as the “OK Bar”). Otto Krauer, a committee member at the time, took it on himself to construct the yacht club’s very first bar in the early 1960’s.

A function took place on 24 November to officiate the OK Bar. At the same time, the Walvis Bay Yacht Club also officially unveiled its revamped interior, which was a task left to the energy and innovation of John and Katja Lund.
The Walvis Bay Yacht Club was Commissioned in March 1965. The Club soon took its place among locals and visitors as a prime seaside retreat. The original main building was relocated from the harbour to the current location in 1963, followed by the construction of the bridge in August of the same year, and the completed Rotunda in 1967. The original Oskar Krauer bar was extended in the latter half of the 1990’s/early 2000’s.
Thanks to successive Yacht Club Committees, led by their respective Commodores, the Walvis Bay Yacht Club today remains one of the favourite seaside retreats in Walvis Bay.
The current serving Commodore, Theo Schoeman, in his keynote address during the inauguration function admitted there were years where the Yacht Club experienced low points. Partly as a result of financial mismanagement and also members who preferred to maintain the club as personal domains, instead of promoting its status as a facility that can be enjoyed by all residents and visitors.
The opening function was well attended by locals, and the presence was also observed of Namport’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew Kanime. Several former Commodores were also present.
The OK Bar and the rest of the amenities and features added to the Walvis Bay Yacht Club truly makes it a place not to be missed. With the pleasant summer weather approaching, and the festive season waiting around the corner, see you at the OK Bar.

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