New hotel for Swakopmund CBD

In as little as twenty-four months, Swakopmund will be home to yet another trendy, the Atrium Hotel, which will be situated in the central business district opposite the famous Hansa Hotel. The value of this development is estimated at N$70 million.
According to one of the shareholders of this future development, Mr Gerhard van der Merwe, the hotel is part of the bigger Atrium Lifestyle Centre which also includes a retail environment on a concept unique and new to Swakopmund.
At the Atrium, you will find a variety of avenues filled with restaurants and take-aways, hand crafted goods, upmarket lifestyle products, a boutique hotel and space to host events.
The 50-bedroom hotel will not be the only unit to create employment opportunities, but business opportunities in the commercial areas where floor space is offered to rent will also create work and subsequent spin-off.
“It is difficult to say how many jobs will be created, but in my estimation I would say between 20 and 40 on the ground floor. The hotel itself will probably also create 30 to 40 new employment opportunities”, explained van der Merwe.
“The Atrium is focused to become the place to visit in Swakopmund. A place for young and old, local and tourist to kick off their shoes and enjoy a unique experience. What sets the Atrium apart from any other retailer is that we put a personal touch into every aspect”, further explained van der Merwe. The events segment of the development also promises to be worth its while.
The Atrium Lifestyle Centre is registered as a company which aims rejuvenating the heart of Swakopmund. Apart from van der Merwe, other shareholders include architect Brynard Kotze and Nerine Uys.
According to Van der Merwe the opportunity for the project was two-fold. Firstly, the old Bundu ‘n See hotel was standing vacant for several years now, and secondly the adjacent building was vacated by Edgars which moved to Platz am Meer”.
The two buildings will now be joined for the purposes of the project.
“The idea is to have the ground floor and the first floor partly completed by April 2018. Plans for the hotel segment which would require the construction of an extra level on the top will be submitted for approval by the municipality in a month’s time. “Brynard Kotze is busy with the plans. The hotel segment will probably only be constructed in 2019 as a second phase of the entire project.
The first phase is the commercial phase which involves the ground floor and a parking lot on the first floor which will form a buffer between the commercial area and the hotel.

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