New Police Boat carries the name of Former President Pohamba

The Namibian Police Force proudly commissioned a patrolling vessel to the value of approximately N$40 million on Friday morning, 21 October, which is named after the former Namibian President, Hifikepunye Pohamba, to honour him as the first Minister of the then Ministry of Home Affairs responsible for Police.

The vessel will enable the members of the Water Policing Sub-Division to reach locations which are not easily accessible from land. The Water Policing Sub-Division of the Namibian Police Force is responsible for patrolling waterways and performing underwater operations and assists land-based units with marine intelligence relevant to the latter’s operations. It also conducts rescue operations, prevents illicit drug trafficking and assists other components of the Force in cross-border search and recovery operations along the waterways.
“The procurement of the Patrol Vessel underscores our commitment to ensuring that the Namibian Police Force is always ready and able to safeguard our national interests. The Port of Walvis Bay is one of the world’s leading ports in terms of shipping tonnes of containers, while the Namibian fishing industry is an important sector in the development of our economy,” commented Lieutenant-General Sebastian Haitota Ndeitunga, Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force and Interpol Vice President for Africa.
The modern vessel represents a significant milestone in the growth and expansion of services of the Namibian Police Force. As it will strengthen co-operation with other law enforcement agencies, such as the Navy, Fisheries Inspectors Agency and Ports Authority, Customs and Excise, Immigration Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs especially in patrolling our coastline. The rechristening was done by Pohamba’s step-daughter, Ndelitungapo Omotuli Shiluwa-Marino.

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