New Street Renaming Committee for Walvis Bay

Fifteen Walvis Bay residents were elected to serve on the harbour town’s Suburb- and Street Naming Committee. These residents, along with town councillors and the two regional councillors for Walvis Bay, will be deciding on the names of both existing and future suburbs and streets.

Council approved the proposal of these fifteen residents at its monthly meeting in March this year.
The Committee is as follows:
Kuisebmond: Regional Councillor Florian Dunato, Mr Antonius Muremi, Mr Andreas Imalwa, Mr Salmon Namwandi, Mr Petrus Bonnie Ipinge and Mrs Emma Ananias.
Narraville: Councillor S Mutondoka; Councillor O Andrews and Regional Councillor Deriou Benson.
Walvis Bay Proper: Mayor Trevino Forbes; Councillor Leroy Victor; Mrs Nadia Figueredo; and Miss Valencia Izaaks.
Meersig: Mrs Nelmari Simon.
Langstrand and Dolphin Beach: Mr Herrold Page.

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