Newborn found at Walvis Bay dump

Eileen van der Schyff

An autopsy must determine whether a newborn whose body was found on the Walvis Bay dumpsite was as a result of a still-born or whether the child was murdered shortly after birth.

The gruesome discovery was made by workers of the dumpsite on Wednesday, 7 August. The lifeless baby was wrapped in a brown towel and placed inside a plastic bag. It is suspected that the mother gave birth to a full-term baby boy between Tuesday and Wednesday before dumping the baby at the dumping site. The baby was declared dead by a doctor at the Walvis Bay state hospital. The body was taken to the Police Morgue for a post-mortem examination to determine if the baby was killed be-fore he was dumped or whether he was stillborn. Family members who suspect a relative or friend who was pregnant gave birth but now is with-out a baby must contact Detective Chief Inspector Shangula at 081 667 6820 or Detective Warrant Officer Kalipi at the Gender Based Violence Division at 081 296 2322.

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