Newborn killed and dumped in Vineta

The lifeless body of a newborn baby boy was discovered on Wednesday at about 13:00 in a public bin located on the corner of Vrede Rede and Aldridge Street close to the Woermann Brock shopping complex. The person who abandoned the infant there is yet to be arrested.

The shocking discovery was made by a young boy, who was in the area curiously looking into the bin. “It was my cousin’s child who found the body and called me”, said Josefina Swartbooi to namib times. Swartbooi was in the vicinity walking towards the shops when the baby’s body was discovered.
After she was told of the grim content of the bin, she went to look for herself. “I was completely in shock seeing that lifeless body lying there. I started crying and ran back and it was my employer who immediately called the police”, she explained still shocked and horrified at the incident.
The baby was suspected to have been born earlier on Wednesday. It is suspected the newborn was suffocated before being wrapped in a plastic with the placenta still attached to it before it was dumped next to the busy public road. The dumping is suspected to have taken place sometime during the day as the bin was emptied by municipal employees that same morning.
Members of the Namibian police, the Women and Child Protection Unit, E-Med Rescue 24 and West Coast Safety Initiative (WCSI) assisted with recovering the baby’s body which was then taken to the police mortuary.
The Police requests any person with information on the baby’s mother or any other person that can lead investigators to the perpetrator are requested to contact their nearest police station.
On the picture herewith: the deceased newborn’s body was dumped in this bin located next to the busy Vrede Rede Street in Vineta on Wednesday.

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