NFA Executive fires President Mbidi

Following on an Executive Committee Meeting that took place at the NFA Girls Centre and at which the Executive Committee had to deliberate on a number of issues which, at the moment are challenging the smooth operation of the NFA, in particular the Executive Committee and the Secretariat’s operations.

However, before I do so, I have to inform you that the NFA Executive Committee resolved that the NFA Elective Congress will take place on the 12th January 2019, in Windhoek.The Executive Committee having convened in terms of Article 34 (2) further resolved in terms of Article 35 (0) to dismiss the President Mr. Frans Mbidi until the Congress on the 12th January 2019, for submission of the motion by it in accordance with Article 37 (1). This drastic action is necessitated by Mr. Mbidi’s;
Failure to adhere to his fiduciary duties in the NFA Constitution;
1.1 Not convening Executive Committee meetings as per NFA Statutes, in particular Article 34.1;
1.2 Failing to implement Executive Committee decisions as per Article 38.2 (a);
1.3 Being untruthful and misrepresenting Executive Committee
resolutions to FIFA and CAF and being generally disloyal to the NFA;
2. Rendering the NFA Secretariat ungovernable;3. Failure to refute a report from NFA’s official delegates to the FIFA Congress in Moscow that he has taken money from the Moroccan bid officials to vote for that Association’s World Cup bid;
Adapted from statement by first Vice-president Dr Naftal Ngalangi.

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