NHA’S 72nd hiking session motivates the youth

Thirty hikers took part in the Bank Windhoek sponsored Namibia Hikers Association’s (NHA) 72nd session at the Kaiser Wilhelm Mountain’s hiking trail in Windhoek last weekend.

 Situated southwest of Pioneers Park, the trail was filled with hikers between the ages of 21 to 33 years old. At dawn, NHA’s Founder and President, Eino Mbango, briefed the participants about the rich history of the location. “We chose this specific mountain due to its rich Namibian history and the breath-taking view from its peak,” he said.

The hikers were led towards the peak of the mountain and back to its base in a total of eight kilometres. The challenging trek comprised uneven terrain pooled with rocky patches through riverbeds and engorging cliffs.

At the peak, the group engaged in fun activities and motivational talks facilitated by Mbango. “The top of the mountain rewards you with a 360-degree view of Windhoek. We understand that there are so many challenges in the city, but keep in mind that you can overcome them all. You are in control of your destiny,” he said.

Before descending downwards, participants had to silently sit on their own as they reflected on their lives.

A few minutes later, a relaxed atmosphere spread throughout the participants as they jogged and walked back to the base of the mountain filled with renewed energy.

Marta Neshilla and Nelson Mutongolume were the first two participants to cross the finish line. As a result, they received a floating trophy and two Gondwana Collection Namibia accommodation vouchers. Each prize is a two-night stay for two at any Gondwana Lodge around the country and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. “I am so excited,” said Neshilla, as she celebrated with fellow hikers.

Mutongolume said that the experience was motivational. “What Bank Windhoek and NHA is doing is beneficial to us as the youth. We go through a lot of challenges but forget that to relax our minds and body, exercise is the remedy that can allow us to make better decisions. I will encourage my friends to join,” he said.

Established in 2010, NHA was started for those with a keen interest in physical and mental fitness awareness and has since its inception concluded a total of 72 hiking sessions comprising 400 registered members. The NHA specialises in sports and fit-ness, corporate team-building and youth development programmes and participants, regardless of their affiliation, are welcome to register to partake in its activities.

Registration is N$75.00 per athlete per event and participants can register in the following categories:

  • School Hiking Clubs
  • Family Groups
  • Solo Hikers, two or three male or female teams or mixed
  • Corporate team-building groups,
  • Health and fitness enthusiasts
  • Gymnasts Hiking Clubs

Participants expressed their gratitude to Bank Windhoek and NHA for the experience at the end of the session. The next event will take place on Saturday, 27 October.

For more information, please contact Eino Mbango on Cell: 081 384 4954 or send an email to namibian-hikers@gmail.com.


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