NIIHA Championships ended the year on a high

The Bank Windhoek 2020 Namibia Ice and Inline Hockey Association (NIIHA) Championships that were held from the 18th of December to the 22nd of December at the Dome in Swakopmund ended the year on a high.

President of the NIIHA Bernd Bajorat said that all 5 clubs registered with the association participated in the only NIIHA sanctioned event for the year of 2020.
Bajorat said “From the perspective of sport, this was a difficult year for Inline Hockey…where all the tournaments for the year were cancelled due to Covid-19, which held the country in its grips for most of 2020.”
“With the support of Bank Windhoek, NIIHA was able to put together a Championship Tournament which lasted 5 days and saw most teams play a minimum of 5 games per division. The normal number of games for a Championship would be 2 games per division” Bajorat said.
Bajorat said that the aim of the NIIHA Championships, outside of finishing the year with a tournament to salvage a mostly disappointing season, was to offer its members an opportunity to compete, work and challenge each other for the right to be called the National Champion in each age division.
“Even though the number of spectators was significantly reduced due to restrictions, the action on the court was as fierce as always” Bajorat said.
In the end, of the 9 competitive divisions offered this year, the Coastal Pirates won 6 Championships, Scorpions won 1, Badgers won 1 and Kamikaze won 1. In total there were 174 games played over five days. It was the much-needed release for the hockey players and a great way to end the year, getting to do the thing all the players love, play the game and enjoy the sport.

Bajorat thanked Bank Windhoek the main sponsor, and additional sponsorships from Deep Catch Namibia and Metallum Fabrication for their support, this event was able to take place and give the hockey community something it was desperately missing all year long.

In the 8U Division: The Coastal Pirates took the Gold medal in a tight game against the Scorpions, winning 5-4. The Bronze medal went to Cazadores. Hendre Van Niekerk was named the game’s MVP.
In the 10U Division: The Badgers beat the Scorpions 5 to 1 to claim the Championship while Cazadores took the Bronze. Vigo Bajorat was named the MVP of the Championship game.
In the 12U Division: The Scorpions beat Kamikaze 9-1 and Theo Borstlap was named MVP. The Coastal Pirates won Bronze.
In the 14U Division: The Coastal Pirates won against Cazadores 4-2. James de Jager was named the game’s MVP. The Scorpions took Bronze.
In the 16U Division: The Coastal Pirates beat the Scorpions 4-2 and brought home the Gold medal. Pablo Laporte was named the MVP of the game. The Bronze medal went to Kamikaze.
In the 18U Division: This division suffered from numbers and was condensed to 3 teams, Team Black, Team White and Team Red; all available players were drafted to one of the three teams and those teams played each other…similar to an all-star game. Team Black won the gold medal with Amandus Röttcher (Coastal Pirates) named the MVP of the winning team in this division.
In the LADIES Division: The Coastal Pirates beat the Scorpions 8-0. Christine Röttcher was named the game’s MVP. Kamikaze took the Bronze medal.
In the OPEN Division: The Coastal Pirates BLACK team beat the Scorpions 3-0. Arian van der Plas was named the MVP. The Coastal Pirates ORANGE team took the Bronze medal.
In the LADIES MASTERS Division: The Coastal Pirates beat the Scorpions 3-0, with Bridgit Justinussen being awarded the MVP trophy. The Badgers took the Bronze.
In the SENIORS (MASTERS) Division: Kamikaze beat the Coastal Pirates 2-1. Jeff Bonazzo was named the MVP. Badgers won the Bronze medal.
In the B Divisions:
8U Badgers won Gold. Colin Hoffman was named MVP.
10U Kamikaze won Gold. Enya Fortsch was named MVP.
12U Coastal Pirates won Gold. Barend Morkel was named MVP.

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