NIIHA Development trials held

Rudi Bowe

The Namibia Inline and Ice Hockey Association (NIIHA) held their Youth Development trials over the past weekend at the DTS rink in Windhoek.

Nearly 70 young players attended the trails where they gave their best to be part of the team of 46 players that were selected to represent Namibia at State Wars to be held in St Peters, Missouri USA in 2021.
Two years ago, NIIHA, as part of a bold new development effort send young Namibian players to participate at the State Wars in the USA. The players won 7 medals in 7 divisions, including 5 Gold. The players are looking forward to competing again and come home with more medals.
NIIHA President Bernd Bajorat said, “We were very happy with the turnout this year. There is a high level of excitement amongst the players and the parents. Everyone is energized and eager about the future of the sport and the efforts we are making to develop our program from the young ages and will have a big return in the future.”
According to Bajorat Inline Hockey is more than just sport, these opportunities have a transcendent ability, and they open up the world to these young Namibian players. State Wars has nearly 20 countries competing and nearly 400 teams playing.
Bajorat said “These events are not just about performing well, but also being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Coming back with new experiences, friends and a better understanding of the world is something we are happy to be able to offer the young Namibian players and their families.”
“Last year one of our players, George Tjaahapi, delighted fans with his skill and play at State Wars and drew the attention of 2-time Stanley Cup winner and NHL player Pat Maroon. The two have become friends and they regularly keep in touch.” George was selected for teams again this year and he looks forward to representing Namibia once again in 2021” Bajorat added.

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