No bail for man who killed his girlfriend

Sharlien Tjambari

The 26-year-old man of Swakopmund, who was arrested for the alleged killing of his girlfriend on Saturday, remains in custody and will make a next appearance in the town’s magistrate’s court on 23 August this year.

Allen Antonius Fredericks is accused of having stabbed his girlfriend, Chriselda Smith (38) with a kitchen knife in public and in full view of her two friends, killing her instantly. The murder incident took place shortly after midnight on Saturday, in the Independence Park in Mondesa’s Independence Street.
According to Inspector Iileni Shapumba of the Namibian Police’s public relations unit, Fredericks had a quarrel with Smith at their shared apartment on Friday night (16 July).
The quarrel ended with Smith expelling Fredericks from their apartment.
Fredericks went to buy cigarettes and upon walking back to the apartment spotted Smith walking in the street with two of her friends. That was around 20 minutes past midnight.
As he approached them, Smith allegedly drew the kitchen knife to attack him.
A scuffle ensued between Fredericks and Smith and he managed to wrestle the knife from her. He then used the same knife to stab her, killing her instantly.
Fredericks made a first appearance before Magistrate Conchita Olivier and state Prosecutor Beata Mwahi.
Mwahi opposed bail to Fredericks, arguing that would not be in the interest of the public’s safety. Fredericks was advised to apply for legal aid.

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