No bail for Strzelecki murderers

Three of the four suspects who were arrested in connection with the murder of 79-year-old Rosvieta Strzelecki in her home in Vineta in Swakopmund last week made a first court appearance in the Swakopmund Magistrate Court on Friday. They are charged with murder and robbery.
The three suspects are: Daniel Stephanus Nghilifa (26) who is believed to be the main suspect in the case and who was renovating the couple’s house, Jerobeam Simon Shidute (23) the second main suspect in the case and their accomplice Fabianus Lazarus (24).
The case was remanded to 26 September for bail applications and legal aid. The accused remain in custody.
It is believed Nghilifa and Shidute entered the Strzelecki home last week on Wednesday morning around 08:00. They attacked the couple by assaulting them and tying them up. The death of Rosvieta Strzelecki was allegedly caused by injuries she sustained during the attack. She was allegedly strangled.
The suspect presumably used a duplicate key to enter the house. They then entered the room where the Rosvieta Strzelecki was at the time and allegedly grabbed her by the throat and hit her head against a wall.
The deceased’s husband, Siegfried Strzelecki, was in another part of the house and was alerted by a noise. He went to investigate and encountered one of the attackers whom he immediately recognised as a person who conducted renovations at his house earlier.
The second suspect wore a mask. After also attacking the elderly man, the accused took with them one Huawei cellphone valued at N$8 000, the remote control of the house’s alarm system, a pair of sandals of the deceased and cash of N$1 000.
Mr Strzelecki managed to free himself after the suspects left the house and he alerted a neighbour. The police arrived within minutes. Mrs Strzelecki was pronounced dead and Mr Strzelecki was admitted at Cottage Hospital where he is recovering.
The accused were caught with a few hours after a brief manhunt by the Swakopmund police.

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