No Bail

Sharlien Tjambari

The alleged NiMT-shooter, Ernst Lichtenstrasser’s bid to be re-leased on bail was dismissed on Wednesday in the Swakopmund magistrate’s court. The 58-year old Lichtenstrasser will now await his double-murder trial in a small cell at the Windhoek Correctional Facility.

Magistrate Conchita Olivier dismissed the bail application on the grounds she belief the State has a solid case against the accused murderer and that it will not serve public interest if he [Lichtenstrasser] is released on bail. Licthenstrasser’s claim that he has medical complications were also shot down in flames and Olivier said she does not belief the accused murderer is denied any access to medical services.
Lichtenstrasser is accused of having gunned down in cold blood NiMT Director, Eckhart Mueller (72), and his Deputy, Heimo Hellwig (60), at the NiMT offices at Arandis early on the morning of 15 April this year. As the two victims arrived at work, they were allegedly accosted by Licthenstrasser’s who was waiting for them. Several shots were fired and Mueller and Hellwig died in huge pools of blood, both with gunshot wounds to the lower abdomen and head.
After hearing witness statements and arguments from Trevor Brockerhoff (Licthenstrasser’s lawyer) and the Deputy Prosecutor-General Advocate Antonia Verhoef (Representing the State) Olivier was refused bail.
Lichtenstrasser is due back in court at Swakopmund on 27 September.

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