No fish … no moving

Floris Steenkamp

Early morning outings to the Walvis Bay lagoon never fail to deliver special moments. Whether it is the beautiful scenery, to marvel at the various species of birds and occasionally comical moments when man and animal cross ways.

On Wednesday Mr Potch Alchin wanted to take a boat out of the water on the slipway at the angling club. He was approached by this giant seal which was obviously looking for someone to toss him a fish. The mullet fishermen usually throw them fish and the seal reckoned it was meal time.
When Mr Alchin wanted to bring the boat trailer down the slipway to the water, the seal waggled onto the slipway and went to sit down right behind the trailer.
Mr Alchin was left no other option than to wait for the seal to realise its luck was out for a fish and that going back into the water to hunt for its own meal was the best option under circumstances.

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