No new transactions at Natis until license arrears are settled

floris Steenkamp

Vehicle owners with outstanding vehicle registration fees at Natis are in for a rough ride come 1 April this year. Vehicle owners owing Natis will not be able to apply for any new transaction, unless the arrears are fully settled.

In a statement last week, the Roads Authority (Natis resorts under this parastatal) said no one will be exempt from this new arrangement, inclu-ding the Namibian Government which reportedly owes Natis millions in registration fees in arrears. Outstanding fees by private sector to Natis can also cripple businesses relying on vehicle fleets, it was warned over the week-end.
New transactions include new vehicle registrations and renewals of annual license fees.
The full statement reads: “do you have vehicles registered on the Namibian Traffic Information System (Natis)?
Please be informed that in terms of Road Traffic and Transport legislation all persons with outstanding vehicle license fees, including penalties, may not apply for any transaction until the outstanding fees, including penalties, have

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