No salaries for NIMT workers

Sharlien Tjambari

The Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology is not in a financial position to pay salaries for February 2019, a leaked memorandum indicates. This is a repeat situation after employees were also not paid in time at several occasions since November 2018.

In what can only be described as gallant and genuinely committed to their employer, NIMT employees say they will continue to work as usual and expressed dire hope the situation can be resolved in order for everyone to honour their personal financial responsibilities.
The memorandum, dated 25 February 2019 read as follows: “With deep regret we need to advise you that, at this point in time, NIMT does not have the financial means to enable us to pay the February 2019 salaries, which are due and payable today”.
Commenting on the issue, the Executive Director of NIMT Eckhart Mueller states NIMT understands the economic crisis the country is facing but said the turn side of the coin is workers remain passionate about their work.
Sources confirmed this is not the first time this situation played out at NIMT.
Employees’ salaries have been late and sometimes cut since November last year. Despite all this challenge, NIMT is still considered as one of the best tertiary learning institutes in Namibia.
This year NIMT accepted over 7 000 applications for its various campuses across the country, whilst some 5 000 applications have been rejected.
The registration and induction process will start on 8 March. “I am more concerned about the number of young people who will be at home without schooling this year. We have rejected 5 000 applications because there is no space. We are full”, added Mueller.
Mueller also said NIMT is an institution that comes a long way and salaries have never been an issue and this is one reason why they understand the issue [for

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