No stop to vandals at !Nara Primary

The !Nara Primary School has in the past few months been the target of vandals. The incidents are usually over weekends, leaving the school with thousands of dollars in damages to repair every other Monday.
The school staff and principal recently started working with the local police in the area, to take charge of the matter. It still does not keep the intruders out.
“They come into the school yard and break the windows, some even go into classes and make a mess of the place. After a few windows were fixed, they were broken again”, fumed Ronald Buddy Visagie.
The situation worsens. The school barely has enough funds to maintain the school. It makes repairing the damages difficult, if not impossible.
The school would like the public and parents to get involved.
Assist with keeping vandals out of the school yard, asking those living in the area to be observant and vigilant. Report suspicious movement of people into- and from the school yard, especially over weekends. Also be observant of movements in the area at night.

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