Not to be missed…..

The important role of microbes in the ecology of the Namib Desert will be under discussion in a presentation on 31 January this year at the Museum Swakopmund.

The public is invited to attend this most informative presentation that is presented by Robert Logan, currently a PhD Candidate in Dr Sarah Evans’s Lab at Michigan State University. He previously worked as Training Coordinator and a research technician at the Gobabeb Research and Training Centre, where he conducts field research in collaboration with Gobabeb researchers. Evans is working in Namib since 2012.
The presentation is presented by Gobabeb Research and Training Centre and the Scientific Society Swakopmund. Entrance is free and donations will be most welcome.
Although we cannot see them, microscopic organisms cover the Namib. And like their larger relatives, these tiny creatures must find ways to tolerate the many stresses of life in a hot, dry desert.
To do so, these bacteria and fungi live many different lifestyles in every habit across the desert. They can be found swimming around in saltwater springs, residing under rocks on dry gravel plains, gliding in on fog from the ocean, and even living inside the tissue of live plants. In all of these habitats, they perform important jobs, without which, many of the plants and animals that we recognize and love could not survive. In this talk, Robert Logan will talk about the microbes of Namib Desert, where they are, how they live in such a dry landscape, and the important role they play in the desert ecosystem overall.

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