NSA Squash Champs

SFC Squash Club hosted the annual Namibian national Squash Championships in Swakopmund over the weekend of the 14th of June.

The Chairman of the club, Rudi Koekemoer, confirmed that fourty-six leading squash players from all corners of Namibia participated in this platinum event sanctioned by the Namibia Squash Association (NSA). A total of ninety-six (96) matches were played over the weekend which also served as official tournament to select teams to represent Namibia during the Growth-point IPT tournament in South Africa during July 2019 and in similar international events going forward.
The men’s championship final was between Norbert Dörgeloh and Max Endjala with Norbert securing the title after a breath-taking sixty-minute display of skill by both players.
The lady’s championship final was between Judy Savage and Chantel De Gouveia with Judy being crowned as champion after outwitting Chantel with chess-like plays. Hein Bam and Dylan Spencer competed for the B-Division title with Hein showing that fitness combined with tenacity is the formula for success.
The full results of the various divisions are indicated here under.
Men’s A-Division
Champion 2019: Norbert Dörgeloh
1st Runner-Up: Max Endjala
2nd Runner-Up: Danie Greeff
Plate Winner: Immanuel Ama-rongo
Ladies Division
Champion 2019: Judy Savage
1st Runner-Up: Chantel De Gouveia
2nd Runner-Up: Adri Lambert
Plate Winner: Tina Rutters
Men’s B-Division
Winner: Hein Bam
1st Runner-Up: Dylan Spencer
2nd Runner-Up: Arno Kok
Plate Winner: Torben Winterbach
The Namibian Men’s and Ladies Teams to compete in South Africa during July 2019 were announced following the tournament.
Namibian Men’s Team
1. Max Endjala
2. Andrew Forrest
3. Danie Greeff
4. Brandon Grane
5. Arno Dickmann
6. Emil Dörgeloh
Namibian Ladies Team
1. Lida-Marie Calitz
2. Chantel De Gouveia
3. Adri Lambert
4. Charne Fourie
The event was sponsored by Visions Consulting (main sponsor), Bank Windhoek and Rössing Uranium Mine.
It is indeed a privilege, during the current economic environment, to have the support of reputable sponsors that are willing to invest in developing the Namibian nation’s sporting talent.
A special word of thanks is extended to the sponsors and the NSA is looking forward to a long-term relationship with the sponsors in the interest of developing Namibian talent.

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