NSAV to tackle gender based violence head-on

Sharlien Tjambari

Vows to hold regular protest marches throughout Namibia

The murder recently of Swakopmund resident Lindie Prinsloo, by her boyfriend, has spurred Tasneem Ochs to found the non-profitable organisation Namibians Standing Against Violence (NSAV). NSAV is on a mission to curb Gender-based Violence so prevalent among especially Namibian men.

NSAV recently held a demonstration in Swakopmund to highlight the scorch of GBV in Namibia. The demonstration ended at the Swakopmund main police station where the crowd protested in silence, burnt candles to remember the victims of GBV and displaying placards to carry various anti-GBV messages across.
Ochs explained the reason why they chose to protest on Friday 9 November was to coincide the protest march with Lindie Prinsloo’s funeral at her home town of Outjo.
Prinsloo was killed the Friday prior to 9 November, by her former boyfriend who then committed suicide.
NSAV wants to take the fight to new heights. The organisation will organise itself in towns across Namibia through so-called “admins” and each month they will be holding marches in as many towns and cities across the country to keep the anti-GBV flame burning.
“The idea is to synchronise these marches in such a manner that it takes place countrywide on the same day and time every month. This is not just for Lindie alone. It is for every victim of GBV, all mothers, daughters and children who are and have been victims of violence. This is for every Namibian out there with an outcry for help”.
GBV is on the increase in Namibia. So also, violence against children. This urged Swakopmund Constituency Councillor of the Regional Council, Juuso Kambueshe, to plea for the communities at large to join hands and make Gender Based Violence a topic of discussion. “GBV needs to be addressed”, Clr Kambueshe insisted recently.
“I am not condoning murder and violence, but we need to start having a discussion on why these things are happening. Let us not wait every time for these heinous acts to happen and then react. We can really solve this together”, explained Clr. Kambueshe.
Adding, “as men we need to be embarrassed. We have to be ashamed. You have to say it is disgusting to be a man. Let’s atone and start co-operating to have a cleaner society. A society that is progressive-minded. We need to talk about these things openly.”

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