NSMA brings home six world titles

Seven athletes and three support members from Namibian Sport Martial Arts (NSMA) brought home 6 world titles from the International Sport Karate Association World Championships from 4 – 6 July at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and Convention Centre, Orlando Florida USA.

The 6 World Champions that brought the titles home are Louis Maletzky (Men Intermediate) for two first places in High Kick Breaking and Continuous Sparring, Caleigh Jordaan (Girls 16 – 17 Advanced) for two first places in Clash Sparring and Continuous Sparring and Dorothy Bachmann (Ladies A and AA Black Belt) for two first places in Points Sparring and Clash Sparring.
The event is hailed as the biggest Martial Arts event in the world with approximately 6000 athletes from 50 countries competing in more than 100 divisions, ranging from Traditional Forms, Weapons, Grappling, MMA, Breaking, Points Sparring, Clash and Continuous sparring.
The Namibian team arrived 5 days prior to the event to acclimatise and ensure that they are in top form took part in High Kick Breaking, Points Sparring, Clash Sparring, Continuous Sparring and Traditional Forms and with solid performances by all athletes that they brought home 6 world titles in their respective divisions.
Daily training sessions were held to get used to the high temperatures and extremely high humidity experienced in Florida at this time of the year, with some time left to relax and explore the area, with team outings to some of the Theme Parks and Water Parks which make the area a sought after destination.
The NSMA would like to thank all for their supporters and especially the various corporate who assisted with prizes for the raffle which ensured that this was achievable.
In September the Namibian team will participate in qualifiers for the World Championships September this year at Destiny in South Africa as the NSMA are planning to attend the World Championships in 2021.
NSMA is open for any one and who would like to get involved you can contact Sensei Dorothy at 0816401709 or Manfred Dedekind at 0811622438 or alternatively via our Facebook Page.
The results for the various events are as follows:
Louis Maletzky
(Men Intermediate)
1st – High Kick Breaking
1st – Continuous Sparring
3rd – Clash Sparring
4th – Points Sparring
Katya Dedekind (Girls 14 – 15 Advanced)
3rd – Points Sparring
5th – Clash Sparring
5th – Traditional Forms
Caleigh Jordaan (Girls 16 – 17 Advanced)
1st – Clash Sparring
1st – Continuous Sparring
2nd – Points Sparring
Dorothy Bachmann (Ladies A and AA Black Belt)
1st – Points Sparring
1st – Clash Sparring
Karl Dedekind (Boys 14 – 15 Advanced)
2nd – Clash Sparring
5th – Continuous Sparring
8th – Points Sparring
Andrew Garbers (Boys 14 – 15 Intermediate)
3rd – Points Sparring
5th – Clash Sparring
Nicolas Jalon (Boys 14 – 15 Advanced)
5th – Points Sparring
5th – Clash Sparring
6th – Continuous Sparring

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