Off to the Battle of Atlanta for Kickboxing team

Rudi Bowe

The Namibian National Kickboxing Team was selected to participate in the 51st Battle of Atlanta World Championships in the United States on 14 & 15 June.

The Battle of Atlanta World Championships is one of the toughest martial arts contests on the planet. Well known martial arts champs have been in action at Battle of Atlanta over the years. There are familiar names like Chuck Norris, o Evander Holyfield, Don Wilson, Bill (Super Foot) Wallace, Joe Lewis, Jeff Smith and Jean Claude Van Damme.
Delano Müller (Feather weight Division) from Walvis Bay will defend his title against Stan Rakov from Cincinnati (USA) and Lesley !Hoaëb (Super Lightweight Division) also from Walvis Bay will challenge Johannes Gottwald (Current World Champion) from Germany to his title.
The team departs on 12 June is as follows: Stephanie Schoonbee, Ankia Rentzke, Jan Willem van Zyl, James-Dean Goagoseb, Giano Alcock, Delano Müller, Lesley !Hoaëb with Mr Philip Müller as coach and Cherry-Lee Alcock as team Manager.

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