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Must be removed from waterfront company

The Walvis Bay town council wants two former mayors and two suspended senior municipal officials removed from the board of directors as well as the shareholders committee of Walvis Bay Waterfront Properties (Pty) ltd.

Walvis Bay Waterfront Properties is a joint venture company between Afrikuumba Construction (80 % shareholding) and the municipality of Walvis Bay (20 % shareholding) for the development of a waterfront in the lagoon suburb where the cricket field (plot 4939) and municipal swimming pool (plot 4941) are currently located.
The suspended CEO of the Walvis Bay municipality, Muronga Haingura, and former Swapo-mayor Immanuel Wilfried currently serve on the board of directors.
Former Swapo-mayor Uilika Nambahu and suspended General Manager Community Services and Economic Development, Agostino Victor, serve on the shareholders committee of Walvis Bay Waterfront Properties.
It is believed council wants these four individuals replaced with individuals selected by the current council.
Haingura’s tenure as member of the board of directors is marred in controversy since it surfaced recently he signed a bond cancellation in 2019 which does not make it compulsory anymore for Walvis Bay Waterfront Properties to re-transfer plots 4939 and 4941 back to the municipality after a period of 50 years.

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