Offenders making a difference

Sharlien Tjambari

As part of their School and Church Information Sharing Campaign six offenders from the Swakopmund Correctional Facility, accompanied by correctional officers, visited the Namib High School to perform a play about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

The reason why the Swakopmund Correctional facility is targeting schools is because alcohol and drug abuse starts at a tender age, where peer pressure is at its peak. After the play COI Shikongo addressed the learners about the importance of visiting offenders. Shikongo said family ties are very important and the Namibian Correctional Services would do anything to encourage families to keep contact with their Prison loved ones. He further said family visits help families to understand what Prison life is like. “Visiting enables the family to remain intact, meaning that when the inmate is released, he/she is better able to reintegrate in society and unlikely to commit offences again. The person in Prison would also feel loved and to know that there is a shelter for when they are released”, said Shikongo.

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