Oil Spill: Clean up in full swing….. and so is an investigation

Senior sources at Namport said over the weekend that with the assistance of the Directorate of Maritime Affairs, the oil spill in the port of Walvis Bay, originating from the cargo ship Urzu is thoroughly cleaned up.

More oil washed ashore in the Langstrand area last week and teams on the ground wasted little time to clean up the beaches of oil. Langstrand residents only have praise for the clean up personnel who exercises professionalism and a sense of urgency to clean up the oil spill.
In the meantime, Namport’s port captain traveled to Henties Bay to assess reports of oil that washed ashore to areas as far north as Mile 108.
There are doubts that the vessel Urzu could leak so much heavy fuel oil alongside in the port of Walvis Bay that an oil spill could travel for that many hundreds of kilometres northwards and that in such a short time. The only alternatives now under investigation is that Urzu came in with a heavy fuel oil leak or that a second vessel at sea could be responsible for a second oil spill.

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