Oil spill contained

Floris Steenkamp

The oil leak on the vessel Urzu that caused a massive oil spill in the port of Walvis Bay on Sunday has been isolated and the vessel will first be repaired before the port authority would allow her to sail.
This was confirmed yesterday by the Directorate of Maritime Affairs.

The vessel owner in the meantime agreed to pay for the oil spill clean-up. Some of the leaked heavy fuel oil drifted into the bay and is now washing ashore in the Langstrand area.
The services of Wesco Salvage was procured to handle the beach clean up. A biodegradable oil spill clean up product of local safety and industrial supplier, Baleia do Mar, has been used in the clean up in port and will also be used in the Langstrand area if needed.
Pictures on this page show the extent of the oil spill alongside in the port of Walvis Bay and also the heavy fuel oil that washed ashore at Langstrand.  A resident is seen here demonstrating the viscosity of the heavy fuel oil by holding it in his hand and also how the oil is sticking to shoe soles when people walk the beach.
The Directorate of Maritime said yesterday the worst is over in that the oil spill is contained and that the clean-up would be monitored closely by its officials.

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